Gilnow Primary School




At Gilnow, school attendance procedures are the frontline of all Safeguarding expectations and we will always take steps to account for all our children’s whereabouts.

It is very important that parents understand that excellent attendance lies at the heart of all that we do at Gilnow.

Our school target is 100%.

All parents must make an appointment to speak to Miss Mullen before any travel arrangements are made.

Children, parents, and carers are encouraged to:

Take appointments, medical and personal, outside of the school day.

Take a sensible approach to everyday illnesses, if our children can be in school, then they should be in school.

We work very closely with all our families to support them if any extra assistance is needed with attendance.
Please ring Mrs. Griffiths in our school office on 01204 333724 if you would like to discuss your child’s attendance.
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