Gilnow Primary School



Schools Working Together

In the Summer Term 2017 we are joining up with Lostock Primary and Beaumont Primary  working with The Ogden Trust Science Primary Partnership, bringing The Planetarium to Gilnow in June 2017.

Gilnow Primary School is also very proud to work in partnership with:

Ladywood Outreach Service: The team at Ladywood support us across school with our Special Educational Needs provision, ensuring that our practice is the very best for our children.

Pikes Lane Primary School:
We work together on our ‘Shine Project’. Mrs Gaskell leads this for Gilnow.

The Bolton School:

We work together with The Bolton School on a variety of projects including volunteer schemes and the ‘Shine Project’. In the Summer Term 2017 Bolton School sixth form pupils are also visiting to carry out Volunteering duties.

Bolton Muslim School for Girls:

We welcome many students from BMSG who support our volunteer projects across Gilnow.

‘Cluster 10’:
This is a group of local primary schools who help each other with training, teaching ideas and staff support. Throughout the Summer Term 2017, class teachers have jointly moderated each other’s writing books which will help ensure Gilnow is in line with other schools for the end of key stage 1 and 2 teacher assessments in 2017.

Our Link School in Africa:

Over the last two years our school has been building links with a school in Africa. The children have been visited by the Bishop from the same region in Africa. The Bishop is helping to build the school for the children. The school also has links through Mr and Mrs Wills, they visit Mbooni and then visit our school to show us lots of photos of how their school is developing.

This is the latest email from our friends in Mbooni.

This email was written by Rev Nancy.

Hi, thank you so much for your email. We are fine resumed back to school after long August-September Holiday. We got a new head teacher in one of our senior schools who is a lady. I am now putting up a house to accommodate her within the school compound. She is more passionate as a mother though she is challenged by high number of orphans and vulnerable in the school. I am wishing you the best with the new head teacher in your school. Good health to bear the climatic changes. Pass my warm regards to the learners and all. God bless you.