Gilnow Primary School



The Gilnow Family Curriculum

​Our curriculum is built upon the ethos of our Vision…’We put the needs of our children first at all times…’

Our first priority is to help our children feel valued so the foundation stones of our school curriculum are the Nurture Days, we have at the start of each new term. These sessions help us support each child’s physical and mental well being and any issues or concerns are swiftly addressed. Our wider curriculum units support of ethos of ‘togetherness’ as each year group explores aspects of Bolton’s history.

We are all part of The Bolton Family! High quality educational experiences ensure our curriculum is further supplemented with core areas of learning which are essential to our children’s development… Vocabulary, spelling, grammar, number skills and of course ..reading. Having such a focus has been instrumental in driving our progress measures up at the end of key stage 2, and we feel the best is yet to come with reading as our children respond more positively to our guided reading sessions and our reading competitions with each passing year.

As life experience is also so important to our particular group of young people, we also provide residentials, trips and other pastoral and cultural sessions- all of which we believe prepare our children for their next stage of learning – and teaches them to carry on expecting more both now and for the future!

If you have any questions about the learning we provide, please come into school to speak to Miss Mullen or Mrs Mc Ilwaine at any time.

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