Gilnow Primary School



Our Teaching Team

These are the professionals who support our families every day:

Senior Team:

Headteacher: Miss Mullen

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs McIlwaine

Child Protection Lead Officers: Miss Mullen, Mrs McIlwaine and Mrs Topalian

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Team: Miss Mullen, Mrs Gaskell and Mrs Topalian


Early Years and Foundation Stage:

Nursery : Mrs Mcilwaine

Reception : Miss Mcilwaine

Learning Assistant: Mrs Lehner


Key Stage 1:

Year 1 : Miss Millington

Year 1 Learning Assistant: Mrs Mee

Year 2 : Mrs Greenall

Year 2 Learning Assistant: Mrs Nawaz


Key Stage 2:

Year 3 : Miss Williams

Year 3 Learning Assistant: Mrs Sharples

Year 4 : Mr Patterson

Year 4 Learning Assistant: Mrs Wheelton

Year 5 : Mrs K Gaskell and Mrs Z Topalian

Year 5 Learning Assistants: Mrs Vadera

Year 6 : Miss Ahmed

Year 6 Learning Assistants: Mrs Workman, Mrs Popat


Office Staff:

Business Manager: Miss Gillespie

Senior Administrator: Mrs Griffiths

Office Administrator: Miss Roper


Caretaker: Mr Sayers


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Miss Johnson

Mrs Watson

Mrs D Willescroft

Mrs L Puveenthirarajan